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Since humanity First has been recently registered in Tanzania not much have been done. Even though a tube well with hand pump have been drilled in Mkongo Village, Utete District, Coast Region situated about 150 km south of Dar es Salaam city. The village had a big problem of water supply. A lot of people fetching up to 500 buckets of water daily are benefiting.


Water for Life

Humanity First has been installing pumps in different places of Tanzania.

Pump No:0001

Kbiti Region, Kibiti Town, Market Place.

Pump No:0001

Pump No:TZ-0002

Kibiti Region, Kibiti Town, Town Hospital.
3 failed attempts to rehabilitate in locations around Kibiti due to unavailable spare

HF Tanzania Annual Report 2012-2013

Organization activities for the past two years is highly depended upon support of Humanity first America. There are number of projects which take place in the country with collaboration of IAEEE which also organizes project with Humanity First Tanzania under instructions and monitoring of Humanity First America. Humanity First Tanzania projects take a new shape after Country Director of Humanity First paid a visit in the country to see developments of ongoing projects.

Breast Cancer Control & Prevention in Tanzania

Breast cancer, once thought to be a disease only impacting the West, is steadily increasing in developing countries like Tanzania, which also makes it a major public health concern. With a rising number of breast cancer cases comes a greater need for preventative mammography screenings, a need that is unfulfilled in Tanzania. Routine mammograms are an effective method of early detection and when detected in its earliest stages, breast cancer is highly treatable and patients have a greater chance of survival. But unfortunately, the current situation is quite grim in Tanzania.

Humanity First Expands Projects

Tanzania Water for life projects, Handing over medical machinery to Minister of Health to Mahabili Hospital. Handing over of the school lab and computers:

First Sewing School

We have a great honour to start our first new Sewing School under Humanity First.

Computer Training institute

Computer training in Tanzania, part of the same training center where sewing is taught.

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