First Sewing School

We have a great honour to start our first new Sewing School under Humanity First.

The school has been started in Morogoro, Tanzania. Formal opening was done by the deputy Mayor of Morogoro Town Mrs Lidiya Joseph Mbiaji, on 12th may 2013.Deputy Mayor was very happy after to visit our new school and she said that I am very surprised to see this beautiful environment of sewing school, this is a nice setup to learn. Every thing is good looking and fine, which attracts a student to learn. I believe that this school will get a big progress.

We have 20 new sewing machines,30new steel chairs, over lock machines, office equipments like office table, chair etc.

At the moment twelve(12) students are learning in our training centre under the Humanity First. We hope that this sewing school will run very nicely and the number of students will increase even more than our hopes insha-Allah, especially after the annual exams of secondary schools here in Morogoro that will held in November 2013.This is also said by the madam Fausta who is a instructor at Veta that the time is coming soon when we will refuse to get more students due to lake of space in our centre for more students.